L’Eix are Ferran Fages (acoustic guitar), Oriol Rosell (electronics) and Julià Carboneras (interactive devices). Originally conceived as an improvisation duo by Fages and Rosell, L’Eix quickly evolved into song-composition realms as soon as both musicians decided to get rid of most of their previous works’ constants in order to reach for the project’s own discourse. L’Eix’s music deals with melody, silence and the contrast between digital and acoustic textures in an open, raw and organic way.

Live, L’Eix are a powerful audiovisual experience thanks to the work of computer engineer Julià Carboneras, who joined L’Eix adding a new edge to both the performance and the composition system. Carboneras designed a device wih allows the visualization of music through the interaction between sound and light in real time. At a L’Eix concert, you can actually see what you hear in the reaction of a dozen lightbulbs, each of them individually connected to different sound sources.


Ferran Fages (b.1974) is an improviser and composer. Apart from his solo career, he is a member of Cremaster, Ap’strophe and Grus, among other groups. He has released more than  thirty records on labels from all over the world like Monotype, Etude or Another Timbre. Ferran has played with Mattin, Francisco López, Derek Bailey, Andrea Neumann, Taku Unami, Bukhard Beins, Guiseppe Ielasi, Phil Niblock, Mark Wastell and Rhys Chatham among many others.

Oriol Rosell (b.1972) is a self-taught electronic musician living and working in Barcelona. He started producing autonomous music on 2009 after more than a decade focused on soundtracks for dance, theatre and multimedia installations. He has released two EP’s on exp.net (Spain) and Crónica Electrónica (Portugal).

Julià Carboneras (b.1980) is a musician and computer engineer. He has composed music for theatre and dance and has developed many interactive installations for artists and art centers. He has also won different prizes such as the Best Locative Art Installation at the Artemov Festival (Brazil).


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